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Building Updates.

Our team of dedicated professionals from GPD Group and Hammond are working diligently to maintain our One Triway building project timeline. Public communications released in May showed the completion of the One Triway campus trending away from the fall of 2024 to the fall of 2025. Recent developments, and the productivity in the early site work, indicate the completion of the building trending toward winter of 2024. This could create a situation where our secondary schools (grades 6 - 12) move into the new building mid-year (December 2024).

A secondary mid-year move-in would allow for acceleration in the demolition and abatement of the current high school and middle school, which occupy the location of future parking lots. The development of these parking lots is critical in addressing the increased traffic from the transition of the elementary schools into the new building in the fall of 2025.

We are currently evaluating district systems, including school calendars, to ensure a smooth transition should a secondary mid-year move-in occur. While there are many construction related variables that could impact our timeline, we ask for your patience as we work through the implications of a possible mid-year move-in for grades 6-12.

We will continue to update the community on our progress as information becomes available. Thank you for your support of Triway Local Schools.

Construction Update

In March of 2022, construction crews mobilized on site for the first phase of work to transform our district into the One Triway campus. The initial work focused on installing stormwater controls, select tree removal, and developing a new parking lot and temporary entry needed for the next phase of work. This past summer and fall, massive sitework occurred to prepare the building area for construction of the new PreK-12 school. This involved putting up additional storm water controls and starting underground utilities. Contractors graded the soil and transformed the site elevations to accommodate the future building footprint. Perimeter fencing and signage was installed as a part of Hammond Construction’s site safety plan, ensuring a safe and secure environment for students and staff throughout the building process.

The construction site will appear to be mostly dormant this winter; however, this is expected due to winter weather conditions. Site activity will resume in the spring after winter weather has passed. At that time, our community will celebrate a groundbreaking ceremony noting the start of the PreK-12 building construction. As soon as they are available, the details of this exciting event will be communicated.

New School Zone Approved

This past summer, an in-depth traffic study was conducted by traffic engineers from GPD Group. The Triway school administration, GPD, and Hammond worked with local officials, law enforcement, and Ohio Department of Transportation to analyze this study. Based on this analysis, a new school zone has since been approved, adding Valley Road to the current school zone plan. Traffic engineers are evaluating updated plans, in conjunction with state law, to identify the location of the new school zone. This includes the phasing in of new school zone signage, warning lights, and pavement markings along Valley Road.

GPD, our architect firm, recently shared an exciting animated view of the exterior of the new PreK - 12 building. This is the first 3D view that shows all sides of the building and includes features such as the main entrances, play areas, parking lots, and potential location of the memorial garden. This animation reflects the building still in draft form as exterior finishes have not yet been finalized.

Click HERE for the OneTriway Exterior Animation

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